Australia’s National flower, the Golden Wattle

02 July 2018

The Golden Wattle

Australia’s National flower is the Golden Wattle and known to bloom in Spring. It’s characterized by it’s large fluffy, yellow, sweet smelling flower heads, with each flower head consisting of a bunch of many tiny flowers. The flowers are yellow in most species, lighter shades of yellow and almost white in some and are widely cultivated as ornamentals.

The Golden Wattle tree, is a shrub of about 4-8 metres. It features prominently on the Australian coat of arms. Australia celebrates Wattle Day on September 1.

Facts about the Golden Wattle

  • Since the Golden Wattle is native to Australia’s Capital territory, the flower was the obvious choice for the floral emblem.
  • Even several years old Golden Wattle seeds germinate, provided the outer covering of the seed is sufficiently abraded for water to penetrate.
  • The largest Golden wattle is the Blackwood Wattle (Arcacias melanoxylon), which is found within the eastern and southern parts of Australia.
  • The strong scent of Golden Wattles creates an illusion of an allergic reaction in some people sensitive to perfumes.

To sum it up, we think that the Golden Wattle is a lovely little yellow flower and would brighten up any interior! You could place a few stems in a glass vase or give an arrangement a pop of colour with a few stems scattered in the arrangement. The choice is yours…have fun decorating with this patriotic bloom!

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