Custom Oversized Silk Floral Arrangements

Custom Oversized Silk Floral Arrangements offer an affordable, long-lasting solution to your business decor needs. Silk flower arrangements can help you save money and create the right first impression to prospective clients and customers. Keep reading to find out more about our silk flowers and how they can benefit your business image.

Custom Oversized Silk Floral Arrangements create a great first impression

Silk flowers are a cost-effective, surprisingly simple way to boost your business image. Here are just a few ways that they can help you create the right impression, right from the start.

If you’re looking for a large, bespoke silk flower arrangement, designed specifically for a large public space, then you are in luck! Is your hotel lobby, conference centre or mall in need of a statement piece? Take advantage of the bespoke floral design services available to you via SilkSense. Our silk flowers are vibrant, lifelike, and tastefully put together. They are fresh and modern and they have the ability to warm up any cold, sterile environment.

We have seen a recent increase in the demand for large, bespoke floral arrangements, designed specifically for large public spaces and we feel that your business can definitely benefit if you had to invest in a custom oversized silk floral arrangement as opposed to constantly putting money into buying fresh floral arrangements. SilkSense offers clients an opportunity to rent silk flowers on a monthly basis at a fraction of the cost of similar fresh flowers. You will receive flowers that are as vibrant as real flowers, of high quality and hassle-free.

Contact us if you would like to find out more about our Corporate Silk Flower Rentals. We have distributors in countries across the world including The United Kingdom, South Africa, Australia, Oman, Botswana, and Namibia.

Here are some examples of our some of our Custom Oversized Silk Floral Arrangements:

Custom Oversized Silk Floral Arrangements

06 August 2018