White Roses on coffee table

A beautiful bowl of white artificial roses on a coffee table. Roses bring a timeless elegance to any lounge or waiting room.

A Rose is often the first thing that comes to mind when somebody mentions flowers. Used for weddings, funerals, and everything in between, Roses come in hundreds of shapes, sizes, and colours, many of which have a beautifully fragrant scent. Given that Roses are so popular and well known, it is little wonder that they are one of the most requested flowers when it comes to arrangement rentals. SilkSense Distributors offer a wide range of Rose arrangements, many of which have a natural, real touch, feel.

This SilkSense floral arrangement is made from high quality artificial Roses, permanently set in a glass vase using water like resin. If you would like to rent a similar arrangement for your home or office, send us your details by following this link and we will get a SilkSense Distributor in your area to contact you.