Flower Business for Super Yachts

The need for beautiful, high-quality flower arrangements for super yachts is just as great as it is in the world of 5 Star hotels or fine dining restaurants. However, the problems in sourcing great floral arrangements are far greater for those in the yachting community, when considering the sometimes-long periods spent at sea or the unfamiliarity of being in a new port or town each week.

What then is the solution?

We at SilkSense believe that our artificial floral arrangements provide an excellent solution to this problem. Our arrangements are beautiful, luxurious, long lasting, & natural looking and more than meet the top-quality expectations of the super yachting industry.

Having seen the great successes achieved by our distributors over a period of more than 20 years, we have identified an opportunity for a savvy entrepreneur to set up a SilkSense Distributorship in close proximity to a busy port or ports, with a view to servicing the super yachts that regularly call in.

The envisaged business opportunity would not vary much from the standard SilkSense model, with clients (in this case predominantly super yachts) renting artificial floral arrangements from the distributor on a monthly or annual contract. The major difference would be that the rotations of arrangements would be done whenever the yacht is in port, rather than on a monthly or bi-monthly basis as is done with regular land-based customers.

For more info on becoming a distributor, fill in our application form or contact us on info@silksenseglobal.com .