More often than not, you’ll notice decorations in corporate offices and lobbies. While being decorative, these floral arrangements have proven scientific benefits on the mood and productivity of the workplace. In the UK, the climate is notoriously dreary. So, any livening up of the workplace is sure to be welcomed with open arms. This presents an opportunity for a distributorship that rents high-quality silk flowers to businesses for their corporate office environments. SilkSense offers the products, the training and service that you can use take advantage of this niche market.

How Do Silk Flowers Affect The Workplace?

There is mounting scientific evidence that flowers in a workplace can improve the productivity and quality of work in the office, in addition to increasing the aesthetic appeal of the workspace and making it a nice place to work. The flowers improve the mood, the creativity and the general well-being in a work environment.


Flowers are observed to have a positive impact on mood. In fact, something as simple as looking at flowers has been show to improve a person’s mood. Having silk flowers in the workplace will add a dash of colour to improve the mood of workers, and increase their productivity. Flowers also make the bad days seem less dreary and brighten up the atmosphere of the entire office floor.


Research suggests that brightly coloured decorative displays, like art and flowers, increase creativity in people. A creative mind can come up with new and innovative ways to solve problems and improve existing systems. Both men and women respond positively to flowers in the office. It was found that both sexes were able to generate up to 30% more ideas in an office populated with flowers as opposed to a dull and drab office space.

Stress Reduction

Any workplace can be a very stressful place to be. Deadlines, mistakes, demanding workloads and high expectations all lead to stress in workers. It has been shown that exposure to aesthetically pleasing flower arrangements can drastically reduce stress in an office environment. A less stressful office means that the workers have better moods, are more creative and the work at hand gets executed to a higher calibre. People work better in an office environment that is happier, and lower stress levels are conducive to better work. SilkSense silk flowers are a low cost solution to a stressful workplace, and for a distributor there is a definite need for this service in the United Kingdom.

Why Silk Flowers make Sense in an Office

Artificial flowers are often stigmatised as inferior and cheap, but SilkSense is turning the tide on that perspective. With multiple benefits over traditional real flowers, and just as much beauty, the artificial flower arrangements provided by SilkSense are the better option for a multitude of reasons.

  • Cost

    Flowers are expensive, and having year round fresh flowers will be extremely prohibitive in cost. With SilkSense, that cost is drastically reduced as the flowers are rented out. As they are artificial flowers, they won’t wilt and die, which means as long as they aren’t damaged their lifespan is effectively indefinite. They are in bloom all year. So, you need not pay exorbitant import costs in the off-season to get that splash of colour you desire. They need no watering and no maintenance besides an occasionally dusting, and work 24/7. The high-quality silk used in their creation remains bright and vivid for years.


  • Allergens

    Unlike real flowers, which release pollen and attract bugs, silk flowers are completely hypo-allergenic. This means that they won’t trigger any form of allergic reaction in the people who are in their vicinity. This makes them ideal for shared workplaces where you don’t want someone to be coughing, sneezing and feeling uncomfortable while working. They also make for great decorative pieces in places where you can’t risk allergic reactions, like in a doctor’s office. An artificial flower arrangement adds that dash of colour where there would otherwise be a dull and dreary area because of the necessity to keep it hygienic.


  • Convenience

    An office is a place where work gets done. By sending out someone to buy flowers or even getting florists into the office to set up an arrangement you are cutting into valuable working time. SilkSense holds customer service at the core of its brand and this is reflected in the way we deal with orders. Each order is made with the customers’ unique needs in mind. It is delivered already professionally arranged in a glass, ceramic or metal vase.

Why a Franchise-Like Distributorship Is the Way to Go

The need for a decorative outlet in offices in England is apparent. The climate doesn’t do much to lighten indoor areas and standard office décor is not what one would call ‘inspired’. A dash of colour and an aesthetic focal spot are must haves in any office to break the monotony and reinvigorate the bland space – and silk flowers are the perfect items to achieve just that.

However, starting a venture on your own is a big risk and a big challenge for anyone. Instead of starting a business from scratch, a becoming a distributor gives you the opportunity to plug into an established brand with a proven method of operation while letting you keep the ability to run your own business. SilkSense provides training, assists in the start-up and is always available for support to get over any hurdles you may face. Franchises & distributorships have a higher success rate than normal businesses and this is entirely due to the established structure that you can use to build yourself up as you get started.


For the past 20 years, SilkSense had been the furnisher of silk flowers to corporates all over the world. If you are looking to become a distributor in the UK, we are looking for enterprising entrepreneurs to set up branches in England, Wales and Scotland. You could be the answer to the question “Where to get artificial flower arrangements in the UK?” If you are interested in becoming a distributor, contact us today.