Why Choose SilkSense

SilkSense Corporate Silk Flower Rentals is a growing brand that offers sales-oriented entrepreneurs an opportunity to buy a complete business package, backed by over 20 years of industry experience, in the beautiful field of corporate silk flower rentals.The SilkSense concept stems from a need for a cost effective, clean, allergy free, consistent, and most importantly beautiful alternate to live flower arrangements for offices, homes, and other public spaces. Where live flowers are expensive and require a lot of time & effort to maintain consistently, silk flower arrangements provide an equal and often better look at a fraction of the cost of similar live flowers.


SilkSense partnered with its first distributors in South Africa in 1999 and has since gone on to work with distributors in the UK, Australia, New Zealand and The Middle East, and the network continues to grow. Distributorship opportunities are available for new distributors in Australia, Ireland, The USA and Mauritius as well as other regions.


The SilkSense small business opportunity centres around providing high quality silk flower arrangements to both corporate & private clients on a rental basis. SilkSense arrangements are recognised for their superior quality and are often indistinguishable from live flowers at first glance. The SilkSense range is constantly being updated to keep up with local & international trends and distributors are able to select from a wide range of available designs.


SNew SilkSense distributors are provided with all the tools they need to hit the ground running and get out in the market and place arrangements. Prior experience in the floral industry or prior business experience are not a necessity as SilkSense will provide new distributors with all necessary contracts, software, and training to give the best possible chance of success. We are actively looking for new distributors so if you think you have what it takes or would just like a bit more info we’d love to hear from you.