Become A Distributor of Silk Flower Arrangements

Run your own business and be your own boss, Be cash positive within 3 months of trading. Repay your intial capital investment within 15 months

Ideal Candidate

Who are we looking for?
  • Driven and self-motivated individuals with good personal skills
  • Ideally you should be located near a large population centre
  • Candidates must have access to a reliable vehicle
  • You will need to have USD 30,000.00 / EUR 22,000,00 in liquid capital
  • You must be able to carry a 6kg silk flower arrangement

Although a sales background will be an advantage, prior experience is not required as we provide you with training, support and all the know-how to successfully start and operate your business successfully.

Become a Distributor

Breakeven Analysis (EUR)

Break-even point in months

Return on Investment (EUR)

Breakdown of ROI

The figures stated above are indicative and for information purposes only and prospective distributors should conduct a thorough due diligence into the viability of a SilkSense distributorship in their particular market.

Run your own business and be your own boss, Be cash positive within 3 months of trading. Repay your intial capital investment within 15 months

Who Are We?

SilkSense is a small business system that specialises in silk flower arrangements across the globe. The business system has been designed for individuals who are sales orientated and want to work for themselves on a full or part-time basis. SilkSense offers individuals the opportunity to acquire a turn-key business distributorship delivering an excellent financial return on investment while at the same time offering a flexi-time work environment.

The Product

The distributorship business is based on the rental of premium quality silk flower arrangements to the corporate and office market and affluent home market. All arrangements are designed for longevity and are mostly set in “artificial water” in top quality vases. SilkSense has been defining and refining the product range for this market for more than 20 years in South Africa, Europe and Australasia. The floral components of the silk flower arrangements, as well as the containers, are sourced from the best international suppliers. The arrangements are assembled by our floral artists in collaboration with pre-eminent designers ensuring that each piece is in line with to current interior design trends.

The Distributorship Concept

The concept of the distributorship is to rent premium floral arrangements, commonly referred to as “Silks” to corporate clients and affluent home-owners, on a contractual basis. A service is then provided by exchanging these arrangements on a regular basis providing the customer with “fresh” floral arrangements at all times at a cost far lower than that of real flowers. This allows for the same arrangements to be used in rotation ensuring continual re-usage. They will be rotated by you on a monthly basis for the most part, or more frequently as you or the client may determine.