Comparing Silk Flowers to the Real Thing

Not too long ago, it was easy to compare silk flowers to real flowers. The artificial flowers of even a decade or so ago were overly bright, plastic-like and not even close to subtle. Thanks to constant development in the world of silk blooms, along with specialists such as SilkRoad Global who are changing the face of the industry, silk flowers have become as close to fresh flowers as it gets. So much, in fact, that it is becoming a lot harder to spot the difference when comparing artificial blooms to the real thing.

How to Choose Realistic Silk Flowers

Comparing silk flowers to real flowers is not always easy, provided the artificial flowers are made to the highest quality. High-quality blooms will be very hard to spot, but cheap artificial arrangements stand out easily for all the wrong reasons. To ensure that it is almost impossible to see the difference, here are some tips to keep in mind.

  • Do your research. In order to choose realistic-looking arrangements, you first need to know exactly what the real blooms look like so that you can see how they compare. Think carefully about the type of plants you want for your office. Consider the types of flowers that are found in your area. If you know what the flowers are meant to look like, it will be easier to choose arrangements that are perfect replicas. Look at small details such as the leaves, stems, petals, and other seemingly small details.


  • Choose realistic colours. Be very wary of overly bright fake flowers in unnatural colours. Once again, this is where it pays to do some research in advance. There are no black roses in real life, and even the brightest of flowers have a softer hue compared to the garish neons often seen in fake blooms. If you are trying to match your flowers to your brand, you could think about obviously fake flowers. Otherwise, look for softer, natural colours that would be found in nature.


  • Avoid strange details. That includes plastic water drops on petals or leaves or any other detail that has been added to try and make the bloom appear more realistic. Ironically, such details can have the opposite effect, making them seem more plastic instead. Keep it simple and look for arrangements that resemble a natural bouquet.


  • Stick to a colour scheme. Another way to ensure that your arrangement blends in naturally is to decide on a colour palette and stick to it carefully. Ideally, you want just a few colours that blend well together. Using too many different colours in one arrangement can risk clashing. This, in turn, will make people look more closely at your flowers, possibly noticing that they are not real. A more subtle arrangement in colours that pair well together will blend into the environment, without drawing the eye for all the wrong reasons.

SilkSense Global offers high-quality blooms all over the globe. Contact us today to learn more about our realistic silk flowers to find out how our blooms help enhance your office space.