Going Green? Choose Silk Flowers Instead!

13 November 2018

If you’re looking for a ‘going green’ solution that is truly good for the environment, silk flowers offer the perfect choice for your home and business. There is no doubt that a beautiful display of flowers in a reception area or home can make an instant impression on visitors. Flowers help to brighten moods, add colour to spaces and instantly make any room feel more welcoming. Fresh cut flowers may seem like a logical choice, but they are not always the best choice from an environmental point of view.

Whether you are simply trying to reduce your footprint or you are looking for an option that has a minimal impact, choosing the right flower arrangements is a great start. What makes silk flowers the perfect choice for anyone going green? Keep reading to find out more.

Why Silk Flowers Are the Ultimate Eco-Friendly Solution

Some of the reasons that silk flowers offer a far more environmentally-friendly alternative to fresh flowers include the following:

Reduced need for mass farming.

While it is lovely to imagine that most fresh flowers are picked naturally from lush gardens, the reality is far starker. The majority of blooms are farmed on a mass scale to meet the demands of the floral industry. Natural vegetation is often cleared to make room for such farms, which puts pressure on the environment in many ways. Large scale farming of any type often leads to problems such as soil erosion and decline of insect and wildlife populations. Artificial blooms require no pesticides, no land and no invasive farming practices. When made by a sustainable source that uses globally accepted manufacturing processes, the result is a greatly reduced carbon footprint.

Longer lasting blooms.

Cut flowers have a limited shelf life, even in the case of longer-lasting blooms such as proteas. This means that they need to be replaced frequently. Artificial blooms last forever and can be cycled and replaced every few weeks without any impact on existing floral numbers. That means that there is no need for growth periods, no need for a constant cycle of seeding, picking and regrowing, and no need for soil, water and other resources typically used to grow flowers through to term.

Easier transportation.

Fresh flowers typically require air freight, artificial light, and temperature control – all of which result in higher carbon emissions. As so many flowers are imported from various parts of the world, transportation is a major challenge. Even flowers that are being shipped domestically will require a fair amount of special care to keep them looking as good as new during transportation and storage. Artificial blooms can easily be transported and stored, without any special care requirements. They can be shipped via truck, air or even boat, without any stress or careful handling.

At SilkSense Global, we offer a range of beautifully crafted, ultra realistic artificial blooms that provide the ultimate eco-friendly choice for homes, offices and medical practices. Contact us today to find out more about our world-class silk flowers.