How Silk Flowers Improve Your Corporate Image

10 July 2018

Silk flowers offer an affordable, long-lasting solution that makes people relax instantly. Silk arrangements can also help you create a seamless brand that sends just the right impression to prospective clients and customers. Keep reading to find out more about how silk flowers help you improve your corporate image.

Boosting Your Corporate Image With Silk Flowers

Silk flowers are a highly effective, surprisingly simple way to boost your corporate image. Here are just a few of the ways that they can help you create the right impression, right from the start.

Create a warm and positive impression.

The lobby and reception area is the very first impression that customers and clients have of your business. An inviting, positive impression is essential to make people feel welcome. Flowers, in general, are colourful, interesting and eye-catching, helping people smile even before they’ve approached your front desk. As a rule of thumb, the brighter the flowers and the more spectacular the arrangement, the bigger the smile is likely to be from visitors. The problem with fresh cut flowers is that they look amazing initially, but less so after a few days. Drooping blooms, dropped petals and dried out leaves are not exactly the sort of welcome you want to give people who are visiting your business. Realistic silk blossoms ensure that people feel at home, without the risk of droops, petals or mess.

Stand out from your competitors.

Anyone can put a bunch of flowers into a vase and replace them every few days. Anyone can leave front desks, boardroom tables, reception areas and other client-facing areas plain and unadorned. Remember the last time you had a meeting at a nearby office? Or the last time you sat in a waiting room? Were the blooms you saw inspiring enough to take note of or did they leave you so uninspired you can’t quite remember what they looked like now? Beautiful, super realistic silk blooms in vibrant, gorgeous colours and intricate detail that make them almost impossible to discern from the real thing will set you apart in a way that people remember. When combined with comfortable furniture and décor that suits the look and style of your overall image, the result is a polished, memorable space that gets people talking long after they have left the building.

Follow through your visual brand.

Your brand is far more than your logo and business card. In fact, every single last detail of your office forms part of your overall visual brand. The furniture you choose and the décor you display is just as important as the letterhead you use and the website you have to attract clients. A cohesive brand that follows a clear colour scheme across every aspect, from corporate stationery all the way to floral arrangements, is a brand that is put-together and unforgettable.

Make your clients feel at ease.

Finally, there is something about flowers that makes people feel happy, which is never a bad thing in the world of business. You want your customers and clients to feel at home when they visit. You want to create a meeting environment that is nowhere near stuffy. You want people to walk into your offices and see vibrantly coloured blooms such as proteas, lilies, tulips, orchids and other beautifully bold arrangements. You want them to feel appreciated and you want to avoid feeling like a sterile, cold environment.

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