Artificial Ranunculi and Freesia mix on reception desk

Bright silk Peonies in a glass vase on an office reception desk. Welcome your customers into your office with a quality artificial floral arrangement.

Freesia are a common South African flower mainly found in the Western Cape but also in other areas while variations of Ranunculi occur in many countries. An office reception is where a client will get his or her first impression of your business and it is often an area that employees will move through multiple times in a day so goes without saying that this area should always be kept looking great. Renting a beautiful artificial arrangement is a great way to add colour and sophistication to any reception. Additionally renting flowers from a SilkSense distributor means that you will get a new arrangement at least every month so there is no chance of getting bored of the same old tired design.

If you would like to rent a similar arrangement for your home or office, send us your details by following this link and we will get a SilkSense Distributor in your area to contact you.