Artificial Orchid Arrangement in an Airport Lounge

Let’s face it, people love beautiful interiors and as a business owner you should never down play the impact that a beautifully decorated room can have on the people residing it in.

Decorating a room with flowers and trees can give the room a whole new, fresh perspective. We think our Silk Flower Arrangements would look lovely placed in an upmarket Airport Lounge. What a pleasure it would be for people to enjoy a beautiful, vibrant floral arrangement while enjoying a refreshment or snack. It definitely is a mood booster for all those tired passengers. Silk Flowers are great because they look the most authentic, they are easy to clean and are easily pliable, meaning you can bend and shape the branches and leaves as you please. You could even go to the extent of pointing the leaves towards the sun as real greenery does.

We are particularly fond of this Orange Silk Phalenopsis Orchid Arrangement set in a Black tin. It’s vibrant and it’s a great statement piece, made from high quality artificial Orchids. This arrangement is bound to turn heads, spark enthusiasm and become a conversation starter, wherever it is placed!

If you would like to rent a similar arrangement for your home or office, send us your details by following this link and we will get a SilkSense Distributor in your area to contact you.