SilkSense for Australia

SilkSense Australia is part of our rapidly growing global brand that provides entrepreneurs an opportunity to offer a bespoke product to the Australian public, encompassed in a complete business package. We are the best providers of silk flower rental Australia.

The SilkSense business opportunity is a network of independently owned distributors. We provide silk flower rentals to corporate and private clients on a monthly basis and at a fraction of the cost of similar fresh flowers. Your SilkSense business will provide you with a great return on investment and award you the satisfaction of happy customers.

The value proposition in a SilkSense business is simple. It is a flexible, home-based, turn-key business that is easy to run, sustainable and hugely scaleable. SilkSense provides strong financial returns and reaches break-even point quickly, minimizing working capital requirements.

Our artificial flower arrangements are hand crafted from the best quality flowers available. They are set in either glass vases or upmarket metal or ceramic containers. Our in-house team of florists and designers have worked tirelessly to create the perfect designs tailored specifically to the demands of the Australian market.

The benefits of having a floral arrangement in your office, workplace or home go far beyond just looking great. Multiple studies have shown that flowers can increase the well-being & productivity of employees. They also reduce stress & lift the mood of customers & clients. It is no wonder then that flowers have always been high on the list when it comes to decorating any office space.

We must stress that SilkSense is a proven business model, with many profitable distributors worldwide. The more you put into your SilkSense business, the more you will get out, and the sky really is the limit.

Current SilkSense businesses for sale include but are not limited to Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Newcastle, Wollongong, and Adelaide. Inquire further to stake your claim in the leading brand of silk flower rental Australia and to start your journey to financial freedom.

If you have not already experienced the joys of a SilkSense flower arrangement why not sign up for a one-week free trial from a distributor near you.