Reached A Ceiling In Your Current Occupation? This May Be A Solution For You!

15 November 2018

Don’t despair if you have reached your ceiling of current occupation. Have you realized that there is not much up-side in your current position? Tired of being stuck in the same industry or occupation and ready for anew challenge? Feel as though you have out-grown your current role and having difficulty taking orders from above?

Well, opportunities exist that enable you to be your boss while owning a successful small business. You will value the satisfaction achieved with making it on your own after years of taking orders. With a turn-key business to business model, you may finally discover your true purpose.

How a B2B turn-key opportunity can be the right move for you.

Replace your income quickly

A major concern of most experienced employees is income replacement. They are worried that by leaving their current role to start a new business, they will need to take a pay cut. Ultimately, this means they may not be able to sustain their current lifestyle. A huge benefit of a turn-key B2B model is that the initial ground work of beginning a new business has been done on your behalf. This means your energy is focused on making sales and generating profits. The result is reduced working capital requirements and the ability to replace your previous income quickly.

Use the skills you have acquired throughout your working career

If you are reading this article, you may be wondering how you can fully utilize your business acumen. A huge plus with a B2B model is that these skills can be put to good use. Using acquired skills will give you a competitive edge over the competition. Core competencies such as managerial, sales and social skills can be vital to attracting new business. After all, you may be familiar with a similar industry and have significant contacts. In this case, having reached the ceiling of current occupation is a plus!

Predictable income stream

Fortunately, unlike many other business’s, a B2B model will generate a higher than average predictable income stream. Research has shown that businesses default on their obligations at a far lower rate than individual consumers. The key here is to find a business opportunity that generates its income through what is called a recurring revenue income stream. Once the initial sale is won, the business operator only has to offering great customer service in order to continue the revenue stream.

Low Working capital requirements

As mentioned above, the faster a business can reach break-even point and return its initial investment, the lower the working capital requirements will be. As an experienced business person, you may well know just how important it is to allocate resources correctly to ensure the success of a business. With low working capital requirements, we can focus on what matters the most, the customer and ultimately the bottom line.

Ability to scale your business into a multi-unit model

If future growth and increasing profitability is a key factor for you then you should be in search of business that has the potential to be scaled. The definition of a scale-able business is one that maintains or improves profit margins while sales volume increases. Luckily for us, these opportunities do exist. Keep an eye out for a business that can easily repeat its sales model into new locations and markets.

At SilkSense Global, we have developed a unique turn-key B2B model that provides strong financial returns and reaches break-even point quickly, minimizing working capital requirements and enabling you to replace your income quickly. Reaching your ceiling of current occupation can be solved.

As a SilkSense Distributor you will be able to put your experience to good use while being your own boss. We will provide you with all the tools needed to run your own business and replace your income as quickly as possible. Furthermore, you will finally be able to discover your true passion of being an independent business owner.

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