The Many Benefits of Artificial Flowers

26 June 2018

Artificial flowers have come a long way since their plastic predecessors of past eras. As some of the more popular artificial floral options, silk flower arrangements are taking the international corporate world by storm! So, why are more and more offices choosing to display artificial flowers instead of the organic variety? Let’s answer that question by looking at a few benefits of artificial flowers:

They Last Longer.

Authentic flowers are 100% organic, while artificial flowers are made from either synthetic materials (plastic, nylon,etc.) or from processed organic materials (in the case of silk flowers). Organic flowers can look their best for up to a week but begin to wilt soon after. Artificial flowers, on the other hand, look their absolute best 365 days a year!

Zero Pollen.

One huge issue with organic flowers in public spaces is that the pollen can cause some to experience allergic reactions. The last thing you want when hosting an important client is for them to break out in hives and swell up like a balloon as soon as they enter your reception area! Another big benefit of artificial flowers: no pollen! No pollen, no allergies!

They’re Reusable.

Organic flowers have a life span – artificial flowers do not. Many corporate offices will invest in seasonal silk flowers of different varieties for different times of the year. When the summer flowers are out on display, the winter flowers can be stored away – ready to be deployed come the colder months! Makes sense, doesn’t it?


One of the biggest benefits of artificial flowers these days is that no organic flowers are harmed in the manufacture process. To gather a bunch of organic flowers for a vase on your reception counter requires the removal of flowers from their natural habitat. By using artificial flowers instead, organic flowers can stay where they belong – in the earth.


What does it take to have a gorgeous bunch of flowers in your office all year round. Someone will have to buy the flowers, prepare them for the vase, top up the water, and once the flowers have wilted – new flowers must be purchased, and the process repeats itself. With artificial flowers, you place them where you need them, and the only maintenance required is a light dusting every few weeks!


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