Why Silk Flowers Make Sense With Air Conditioning

If you are considering silk flowers for your office, you may be wondering how they compare to fresh flowers and plants in an air-conditioned environment. Today’s high-quality artificial arrangements are designed to look identical to genuine blooms, with intricate detail and texture that makes it almost impossible to spot the difference. In environments such as offices, this fresh flower alternative is ideal, with almost zero upkeep required and no risk of fading, wilting or loss of vibrancy. Artificial flowers help you improve your corporate image, without the upkeep that comes with fresh flowers.

Is it worth investing in corporate artificial flower arrangements? Can silk arrangements really compare to fresh? Keep reading to find out why silk flowers are an excellent choice in air-conditioned offices.


Why Use Silk Flowers in Air-Conditioned Offices?

Silk flowers offer the ideal choice for air-conditioned offices, allowing you to add colour to reception areas, bathrooms, common rooms, meeting rooms, and other key areas. Unlike fresh flowers, artificial blooms do not feel the effects of air conditioning. Here are some of the ways that this benefits your office environment:

No wilting.

Artificial flowers do not wilt or die. Fresh flowers always start out looking great, but, in a temperature controlled environment that has no natural light or air, they seldom stay as fresh as they are when they arrive. Silk blooms look as fresh as they do when they are brought into the office, and remain looking fresh until they are switched for a new arrangement in the rotation. There is also no risk of dead leaves, pollen and petals falling off and making a mess.

No watering.

You won’t ever have to waste time and effort trying to keep artificial plants arrive. Even with modern watering devices, keeping office plants alive is not always an easy task. Most plants adapt far better to areas that are rich in sunlight and natural light. Although some may manage in an office, artificial flower arrangements are far lower maintenance. With a wide range of realistic arrangements offered by specialists such as SilkSense Global, your office flowers will always look flawless, with little to no upkeep required.

No fading.

Silk floral arrangements do not fade, either. Fresh flowers often begin to lose colour just before they start moulting and wilting. They may look spectacular when they are first brought in, but very quickly, they start to lose their vibrant hues. Artificial arrangements will look as good as new, days and even weeks after they arrive. All that is needed to maintain their colour is a minor dusting once in a while. As corporate arrangements are rotated, you can enjoy brand new flowers on a regular basis.

At SilkSense Global, we offer an exceptional collection of high-quality silk arrangements that are suited to the corporate environment. View our sample range to get an idea of the types of arrangements we offer and contact us with any questions you may have on how to get started with silk flowers in your office.