The SilkSense Concept

SilkSense is a growing brand that offers entrepreneurs an opportunity to buy a complete turn-key business package, backed by over 20 years of industry experience, in the beautiful field of corporate silk flower rentals.

The concept of a SilkSense distributorship is to rent premium silk floral arrangements to corporate clients and affluent home-owners, on a contractual basis. A service is then provided by exchanging these arrangements on a regular basis providing the customer with “fresh” floral arrangements at all times.

This concept stems from a need for a cost effective, clean, allergy free, consistent, and most importantly beautiful alternate to live flower arrangements for offices, homes, and other public spaces. Where live flowers are expensive and require a lot of time & effort to maintain consistently, silk flower arrangements provide an equal and often better look at a fraction of the cost of similar live flowers.

Value Proposition

SilkSense is a flexible, home-based, turn-key business that is easy to run, sustainable and hugely scalable. SilkSense provides strong financial returns and reaches break-even point quickly, minimizing working capital requirements.


As a SilkSense Distributor you are able to work the hours that you deem appropriate.


Taking Current Distributor performance into account, a SilkSense business seldom achieves below estimates

Turn-key Business

We supply you with everything you need to start and manage your business effectively and efficiently.

Easy to run

The SilkSense concept is a simple business model and our Distributors are given the necessary tools and know-how to run the business smoothly.


Each Silk Flower Arrangements last for many years and demand for the product is increasing.

Hugely Scalable

SilkSense is a business that maintains and increases profit margins while sales volume increases.

Our Story

The original concept of SilkSense was created in the year 2002 by the then and current management team of Silk by Design Pty Ltd. Growing from a humble business offering in the early years, the SilkSense brand has developed into an internationally recognised opportunity for investors, as well as built a reputation for the best products and customer service.

Over the past 16 years we have learnt from mistakes and built on successes and today the SilkSense Business system has been refined to a near perfect model. We are still extremely passionate about the value we create for our network of distributors as well as the service they provide to the public and are now focusing on expanding our global network into all corners of the world.

What Customers Can Expect from SilkSense

The SilkSense artificial flower network offers designer silk flowers to both private clients and those who look for corporate flower rentals. The arrangements are crafted from the best quality artificial flowers available and are permanently set in either glass vases or upmarket metal or ceramic containers.

SilkSense offers clients an opportunity to rent silk flowers on a monthly basis at a fraction of the cost of similar fresh flowers and with none of the hassle or mess associated with live plants. With many businesses and individuals looking to find out where they can find artificial flower arrangements, our business model has been set up to perform well.

The artificial flower arrangements are delivered to your door or right to your desk. The trendy, vibrant arrangements always look fresh and are a great way to brighten up a reception area, boardroom or office space. In addition, because the flowers are pollen & water free, they are suitable for spaces where health and allergies are a concern, such as doctors’ rooms or hospitals.

The benefits of having a bowl of flowers or floral arrangement in your office or workplace go far beyond just looking great. Multiple studies have shown that flowers can increase the well-being & productivity of employees, reduce stress & lift the mood of customers & clients. It is no wonder then that flowers have always been high on the list when it comes to designing & decorating any office space.

SilkSense clients can always expect to receive an arrangement that is in great condition and which has been well maintained and is sure to evoke a positive comment or reaction from any onlookers. SilkSense distributors should be friendly and courteous and willing to provide personal service whenever possible.

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